What You Need to Get Right

There’s no question that finding the right licensed and insured professionals to take care of your advanced damp proofing needs is important. We all know what dampness can lead to if left unchecked. Mold, mildew, and the unpleasant health conditions (not to mention smell) that comes with it!

At the first signs of dampness after a major storm, or discovery of potential roof damage, it’s crucial to get experienced professionals who know how to scour any area, locate any potential issues, and take care of them accordingly. Ideally in a fast and efficient manner that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Advanced Damp

The specialists at Advanced Damp choose their name carefully. They know how important it is to make absolutely sure your home, business, or residence is properly taken care of. You shouldn’t have to worry about your insulation, your attic, or any part of your house remaining damp after proper cleaning and repairs.

We take a whole house approach to make sure every potential issue is being taken care of. Once you have had the experienced professionals of Advanced Damp over we will not only inspect any problem areas, but we’ll make sure to spot any signs of issues you might not even know exist yet.

Looking for some serious repair work after a natural disaster? We can get you set up right.

Not sure if you need major work or not but want some trusted specialists to have a look? We’re happy to help!

Tired of always being one step behind and want the best preventive work possible to stop dampness from becoming an issue?
We’ve got your back on that one!

While we know there are many options locally it’s hard to find one that has the experience, the trust, and the reputation that we enjoy. We’re here to serve – and happy to make your house as dry as it should be!